Benefits of Summer Pressure Washing Services

House Washing Wilmington NC

Every month, our technicians and project planners at Double Check Pressure Washing answer numerous questions about the benefits of seasonal pressure washing.

Residents and business owners are curious about what makes professional cleaning worth the price. In this explainer, our licensed professionals will outline the benefits of contacting pressure washing services to sanitize your home in the summer.

We will also include a few ways soft-washing techniques can make your living and workspaces safer and more livable.

Save Money on Remodeling and Repair

House washing requires technical expertise.

We see many people renting power washers for DIY cleaning projects every month. They often damage their grills, shatter their windows, and destroy outdoor furniture to save a buck.

Gutter cleaning alone requires the careful use of manual scoops and ladders. More than 65% of ladder-related deaths happen on movable models technicians use to clean roofs and gutters. Our professionals spend years training and earning certifications before offering their services to the public to ensure the work’s done safely.

Eliminating Mold Colonies

Wilmington, NC, is a port city. Many residential and commercial properties advertise their waterfront access, and real estate investors often use it as a selling point.

Rivers, ponds, and other freshwater sources cause high humidity during summer months, encouraging mold and algae to form on roofs and sidings. Mold spores can travel from one room to another through vents and open windows. Whole-home infestations often start with a tiny colony forming behind damp drywall.

Our cleaning crew at Double Check Pressure Washing maintains numerous properties near the Cape Fear River and other nearby bodies of water. We use state-of-the-art pressure washers to uproot mold and mildew colonies and prevent recurring infestations.

Our technicians are also highly trained at soft-washing. They can remove algae from the shaded corners of your roof, making your home or commercial structure look better from the street.

Making Summer Activities Safer

Remove caked-on grime and dirt from outdoor spaces with professional pressure washing. Double Check Pressure Washing can make indoor and outdoor living areas germ and fungi-free.

Summer activities become safer and more enjoyable in freshly cleaned environments. Bird droppings and patches of grime on pool areas can discourage even the bravest partygoer from enjoying themselves. In addition, accumulated pollen can trigger respiratory irritation and allergic reactions, making hanging out on your deck or barbecue area a drag.

We offer a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians have decades of combined experience cleaning residential and commercial properties. If you find we missed a spot, call our hotline, and we will remediate your concern immediately, free of charge.

Work with Experts Today

While our services require a higher upfront investment than renting an industrial power washer and going to town, we keep homes and businesses looking brand-new with a zero-damage guarantee.

Still curious about the various benefits of professional pressure washing? Call Double Check Pressure Washing at 910-427-1115 for a free consultation.

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