Post-Construction Clean-Up Wilmington NC

Post Construction Clean Up Wilmington NC

Premier Post-Construction Clean-up Services in Wilmington NC

Whenever business owners and residents want thorough and cost-efficient post-construction clean-up in Wilmington, NC, they know to call the experts at Double Check Pressure Washing. Our technicians, project planners, and maintenance personnel have decades of combined experience in residential and commercial pressure washing and exterior cleaning.

We know construction projects are expensive and messy. Taking on the health risks of cleaning up leftover screws, nails, and wooden planks without professional help can cost thousands of dollars.

Why People Need Post-Construction Clean-Up in Wilmington, NC

Cleaning up new construction sites is one of the riskiest tasks we do at Double Check Pressure Washing, so we take all necessary precautions before proceeding. Our professional experience allows us to know when installations like new sidewalks, exterior paint jobs, and garage coatings have had enough time to cure before attempting to remove stains and debris from them.

Our team can pressure wash:

  • Condominium and apartment rooftops and exteriors
  • Ceilings, floors, and other interior installations
  • New driveways and sidewalks
  • Garage floors and exterior
  • Construction equipment and heavy machinery
  • And much more

Our unique brand of service allows us to remain the number one name in post-construction clean-up in Wilmington, NC.

Post Construction Clean Up Wilmington NC

Cost-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Professional Cleaning

We only use CDC-approved and EPA-registered detergents, so you won’t have to worry about residue harming nearby trees and wildlife. Our industrial pressure washers allow us to wash away most dirt, stains, and debris on sight without using detergents.

Professionalism and Fast Service Guaranteed

Our project planning skills help us deliver services in the most cost-efficient and timely manner. When you request a post-construction clean-up, our crew will arrive on time and work under agreed-upon project budgets. You will never have any hidden charges show up on your bill.

Licensed and Insured Experts

Our post-construction clean-up team is 100% licensed and insured. Our clean track record allows us to stand behind our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee while earning hundreds of five-star reviews on online forums and independent websites.

How We Conduct Post-Construction Clean-Up Wilmington, NC

Our clean-up process for most construction sites consists of three stages, which we continually optimize to save our customers more time and money.

Pressure Washing

We will pressure wash brick, concrete, and cement surfaces while vacuuming upholstery and carpets. We use soft-washing techniques on stucco, vinyl, and wooden materials.

Final Touches

We remove smudges, fingerprints, and other traces of construction from walls, floors, doors, and windows, leaving behind a perfectly polished area.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Double Check Pressure Washing can conduct all types of post-construction clean-up in Wilmington, NC, from clearing up new parking lots to polishing newly renovated areas in your home or business. Call us today at 910-632-0045 to get a free quote from our technicians. Get the best power washing services in Wilmington, NC, with Double Check Pressure Washing!

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