Deck and Fence Staining Wilmington NC

Deck and Fence Staining Wilmington NC

Premier Deck and Fence Staining Services in Wilmington NC

When To Get Deck and Fence Staining in Wilmington, NC

Decks and fences provide several vital uses for the home. These structures provide privacy of outdoor spaces, adding aesthetic appeal, relaxation and enjoyment. However, over time, exposure to weather and the elements strips decks and fences of their natural color and previous protection, that’s when it’s time to consider (re)staining.

Fence and deck staining is applicable when the current stain/seal/lacquer breaks off or every two to four years, whichever comes first. Likewise, when your decks, fences, or other outdoor wood structures can no longer repel moisture effectively, it’s time for wood staining services.

If you’re looking for a reliable deck and fence staining company in Wilmington, NC, call Double Check Pressure Washing at (910) 632-0045. Our in-depth staining services include substrate cleaning, stain/seal preparation and application to your exterior wood spaces. When needed, we do board replacement, removal, replacement and disposal; as well as minor repair. In addition, we will tour the area with you after completion to ensure you are satisfied with the finished product and go over the sequential care instructions. 

Why Should I Professionally Stain My Deck and Fence in Wilmington, NC?

When debating the reasons to stain your deck and fence, you might wonder about the purpose. A wood stain will benefit your outdoor area for a few reasons, such as… 

Protects Wood

A deck and fence stain protects the integrity of the wood. A stain will shield the wood from intense UV Rays with pigment. Additionally, it will offer protection against bacterial contaminants and repel moisture.

Enhances Appearance

The most popular reason people choose to stain their wooden decks and fences is for the ‘look’. A stain will penetrate the wood’s surface and leave the desired color, turning cedar or pressure treated pine to lovely oak, redwood, walnut, etc… Woods without stain generally look unfinished and give the appearance that the space is under construction. Also, wood fibers will soon become bleached by the sun, turning the gray.

Cost Effective

Instead of painting, staining is a more affordable way to restore blemished wood. Painting requires multiple coats, while staining requires only one coat. Fewer coats required mean money saved with supplies and labor. Painting also creates a film (solid layer). This allows mold and mildew to grow faster and traps any moisture that finds its way into the wood; causing rot.

Deck and Fence Staining Wilmington NC

Stains and Sealers: What's The Difference?

Stains and sealers are similar in how they protect the wood but differ in color depositing performance. Stains offer more color variations while sealants provide defensive qualities.


While stains offer light protective properties to wood, their primary use is for color coating. Stains come in various colors to suit any aesthetic and are ideal for those wanting to change the appearance of their outdoor space.


The primary purpose of a sealer is to keep out water and forms of growth such as mold, mildew, algae, fungus and prevent rot from moisture. A sealer will also prevent the wood from cracking and sustaining minor damage. 

In order to add the maximum benefit for our customers, Double Check Pressure Washing uses products that are a combination of stain and seal to provide you with a finish you enjoy with the protection you need!


Some circumstances facilitate the need for decks and fences to be painted. This ranges from personal preference to having a surface that needs redone and paint or a similar product was used previously. While exterior paints include additional time and product, the benefits include a longer life span before needing retreated and easier to clean. Painting is also a good option for older wood that has deep grain from years of age and pressure washing. It helps this mildly deteriorated wood to look younger. 

***A caution for flat painted surfaces in general, wood or otherwise, can become slippery when wet.

Benefits of Getting Professional Deck and Fence Staining in Wilmington, NC

By hiring professional staining services, you are saving yourself effort and time and ensuring that your staining is precise. The experts at Double Check Pressure Washing stain decks and fences regularly. We know how to treat hard-to-reach areas and what each kind of wood needs for maximum product absorption and protection.

With Double Check Pressure Washing, getting deck and fence staining in Wilmington, NC, is hassle-free. Our thorough staining process is tailor-made for your specific needs. After discussing your vision and goals of how you want the space to look, we will schedule our treatment process.

Proper Preparation 

First, we will remove debris and pressure-wash the deck or fence. For Maximum absorption, staining requires that the wood is free of residue, contaminants, and cleaned with a wood cleaner to open the pores of the surface; pressure washing beforehand achieves that goal. After the wood is prepared and dry, we apply the stain.

Deck and Fence Staining Wilmington NC

You Do Not Need To Be Home

Have to work or attend to other matters? Double Check Pressure Washing can complete the entire process even if you are not home. Freshly stained wood requires a minimum of 24 hours to dry before enduring foot traffic and 48 hours before placing furniture. So, if you’ll be away for a few days, you’ll return to newly-stained and fully dry wood ready for use. While it is not necessary for you to be available when staining, we do like it when you are there. That way, as we begin the application process, we can confirm that you like the color that you selected. We also enjoy touring the finished work with you. This serves to Double Check your satisfaction with the results, discuss timeframe for foot traffic and furniture placement and discuss cleaning and maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your service.

Proper Application

While DIY wood staining provides a level of can-do satisfaction, homeowners sometimes are not satisfied with the finished result. Our experienced technicians know how to apply consistent texture, make appropriate brushstrokes, and use all products properly. We also have all the supplies and equipment already. You don’t have to wear yourself out staining your own wood, risk an unwanted outcome or buy equipment you may only use the one time when you can call in the professionals to get it right the first time.

Color Staining Options 

Staining or sealing wood is not as easy as selecting the color and painting. You must first ensure that your wood can handle the chosen stain in its current condition. Next, you must assess whether the color you want will deposit correctly against the existing color. Lastly, for cohesive application, you must thoroughly prepare.

Consider hiring a professional wood stainer to ensure you get the deck or fence you can be proud of. A skilled wood stainer can advise you on color and product choices for the best results. 

More Affordable Than Replacing A Deck

Replacing exterior patios and fencing comes with issues like exorbitant prices and inaccessibility to lumber. However, obtaining the resources to stain and treat an existing deck or fence is easy and cost-effective. If you’re unsure whether professional wood staining suits your space, compare the replacement costs and see how much you’ll save. 

Trust the Professionals for Deck and Fencing Staining in Wilmington, NC

Staining a fence or deck yourself may seem cheaper, but a poorly-done job results in future expenses. Without extensive knowledge of wood staining, it is easy to mess up. Mistakes can be corrected, but they are often much more expensive than the initial money spent on DIY staining.

Hiring a staining company is the safest option to save money in the long run and guarantee that the process is correct. Paying upfront for a well-done job turns out much better than cutting corners in an attempt to save money.

Call Double Check Pressure Washing Today!

Are you ready for a bright new deck or fence without the cost of replacement? Do you have a big event coming up that will require the use of your deck or fence? Restore and protect your exterior space with wood staining services from Double Check Pressure Washing. 

As the leading wood stainers and pressure washers in Wilmington,NC, we prioritize restoring existing structures rather than replacing them. We have a heart for stewarding by taking care of the things we have been blessed with. We are a family-owned and operated business offering pristine results and excellent customer service. Our exterior services are sure to make your space look brand new.

Double Check Pressure Washing provides first-rate deck and fence staining in Wilmington, NC. Call (910) 632-0045 today for a free quote!

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