House Washing Wilmington NC

House Washing Wilmington NC

Premier House Washing Services in Wilmington NC

Double Check Pressure Washing proudly offers high-quality whole house washing in Wilmington, NC, and surrounding areas.

According to the National Association of Realtors, buyers are willing to pay up to 7% more for second-hand homes with high curb appeal. Double Check Pressure Washing is the number one provider of house washing services in Wilmington, North Carolina. We also keep hundreds  of Wilmington homes looking well-maintained and brand-new with our other services such as gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning, deck staining, and many more!

The Benefits of House Washing in Wilmington, NC

Give Your Curb Appeal an Instant Boost

Our house washing team uses truck-mounted washers and other sanitation equipment to wash away years of dust, grime, and stains. Many real estate companies and agents hire us to clean houses that are about to go on the market as they will get more views and clicks on online platforms with higher curb appeal.

Increase Your Home Value

Periodic house washing is an essential component of a holistic maintenance schedule, which our technicians can create for you. It lets you eliminate fungal growth and insects before they invade your home, and increases your property value for potential buyers.

House Washing Wilmington NC

EPA-Approved Cleaning Agents

If we had a penny for every DIY cleaner with a history of killing plants, wildlife, and entire gardens from using harsh cleaning agents, we would probably own the state of North Carolina. Our professionals only use EPA-approved cleaning agents, so you don’t have to worry about harming plants, trees, and animals.

Stop Health Problems Before They Begin

House washing in Wilmington, NC, allows hundreds of residents to live without worrying about dust, pollen, and other contaminants that might set off allergic reactions. Say goodbye to seasonal breathing problems and epidermal irritations caused by mold colonies, roof algae, and tree sap by getting help from our technicians.

Why Choose Double Check Pressure Washing?

Our pressure washing team at Double Check Pressure Washing has years of experience cleaning homes and business structures in the Wilmington area. Aside from exceptional customer service, our clients love us for three primary reasons.

Up-to-Date Equipment

We invest in the latest pressure and soft washing technologies, telescopic equipment, and detergents. Our customers don’t have to rent or purchase them to allow us to work.

Insured and Licensed

Our team is 100% insured and licensed, so you can rest easy knowing your property and results are protected.

Reliable and Punctual

We maintain our stellar customer satisfaction rating by consistently showing up on time and sticking to agreed-upon schedules and budgets.

Contact Us for a Free Quote

Working with a pressure washing company can help you keep a maintenance schedule. Many small businesses in the Wilmington area trust us to keep their parking lots, outdoor dining areas, and drive-throughs free from bird droppings and pollutant stains. We can do the same for your home interiors and outdoor fixtures with our soft-washing techniques and eco-friendly detergents.

Contact Double Check Pressure Washing today at 910-632-0045 to get a free quote for a house washing in Wilmington, NC.

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