Professional Pressure Washing vs DIY Pressure Washing

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As fun, as immersing yourself in a DIY home project can be, you may benefit more from leaving some duties to professionals. Handling high-pressure water and using it on crucial outside surfaces is likely one such duty. But how can you tell which way is the best to get pressure washing?

At Double Check Pressure Washing, we prefer to build a relationship of trust and understanding between ourselves and our clients. Our statements come from the knowledge and expertise we’ve accumulated over the years, not just something to convince you without reason. Here are a few pressure-washing details to help you make a better decision.

Could DIY Be a Good Option?

DIY Pros

Many pressure cleaners use garden hose levels of pressure. Meanwhile, the machine has more reach, components, and settings for deep cleaning. You can rent electric pressure washers from home improvement stores across North Carolina easily.

A DIY attempt could save money for smaller jobs that don’t encompass too much space. You also retain complete control over the project, so you decide when you’ve finished the job.

DIY Cons

Pressure washing can take much more time and energy than hiring an expert. You may not finish larger jobs in one sitting and pay for them when your utility bills come.

Additionally, pressure washers can use high-pressure modes that exceed what a garden hose can do. If you don’t use the right setting, you could strip off loose paint, damaged shingles, and more. Because the job would be DIY, you wouldn’t have any insurance protections to help you pay for accidental damage.

Should You Choose Professional Pressure Washing?

Professional Pros

As experts in the field, we have licenses and insurance that allow us to work in and around Wilmington. We consistently renew this documentation with additional training, updating us on new service knowledge.

Our team works with various outdoor materials, from stone and stucco to asphalt and wood. At Double Check Pressure Washing, we have additional tools that improve cleaning power and make the job easier. We also stay updated with EPA regulations on biodegradable cleaning solutions to keep your property environmentally safe.

Professional Cons

Not everyone who claims to be an expert meets industry standards and expectations. You often receive low-cost effort when you choose a low-cost service provider. However, top-dollar services may not meet expectations either.

We recommend doing the research before choosing your pressure washer company:

  • Check customer reviews
  • Monitor license validations
  • Analyze the reasons for negative reviews
  • Call the company and see how customer service reacts to questions

Hire a Wilmington Pressure Washing Expert Today

At Double Check Pressure Washing, we ensure you experience the benefits of professional pressure washing. Our team arrives on time for the job and answers any questions in a friendly and respectful manner. We address all problem areas, removing mold, mildew, and other unsightly debris clinging to your property.

Call us at 910-632-0045 or visit our contact page to request a free quote today!

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