The Great Roof Cleaning Debate: DIY Vs. Hiring the Pros

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Have you ever stood back, hands on hips, admiring the fruits of your labor after a tough weekend project? There’s no denying the allure of DIY: That sense of accomplishment, the thrill of the challenge. Maybe you recently glanced up at your roof, contemplated the grime, and thought, “I can tackle this, too!”

Before you grab your ladders and high-pressure hoses, hang on a moment, and let’s review the facts. Soft wash roof cleaning isn’t quite like changing a light bulb or repainting your picket fence. Read on as we go over the reasons why leaving this task to the pros is the smarter choice.

You Likely Lack the Right Equipment

Sure, your garage might be chock-full of gizmos and gadgets, but thorough roof cleaning requires a specialized set of tools that don’t typically come with your standard DIY kit. High-quality pressure washer equipment, eco-friendly cleaning products, and protective gear are just the tip of the iceberg.

The amount you spend on procuring these items might make your wallet wince. Not to mention, it’s a pretty steep learning curve to use them effectively and safely.

Safety Risks

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, ladder-related mishaps land more than 90,000 people in the emergency room each year in the US alone. Couple that stat with the idea of scaling your two-story colonial while wrestling a high-powered pressure washer — it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, doesn’t it?

Potential Roofing Damage

DIY enthusiasts, beware! The roof over your head might look sturdy, but it’s more delicate than you think. One wrong move with a pressure washer and you could end up with a disaster on your hands:

  • Erosion of protective layers: Overzealous pressure washing can strip away the waterproof layer, leaving it vulnerable to Mother Nature’s fury.
  • Voided warranties: Damage the surface in a DIY roof cleaning attempt, and you might just wave goodbye to your warranty.
  • Water seepage: Incorrect use of a pressure washer could force water under the structure, leading to mold, mildew, and water damage.

Wasted Time and Energy

Do you still want to embark on your cleaning mission? Brace yourself for hours, if not days, of grueling work. Your precious weekend will swiftly morph into a ceaseless battle against grime and moss.

That’s not how most of us envision unwinding after a long week, right? Don’t squander your free time and still end up with lackluster results; leave it to the pros instead!

Leave the Nitty-Gritty Work to Double Check Pressure Washing

Let Double Check Pressure Washing liberate you from the hassle of moss removal and roof and gutter cleaning. Save money, time, and peace of mind by making us your long-term partner. Our crew has every cleaning solution you might need and have the know-how to tackle every type of material, from asphalt to tile.

Give us a ring at 910-632-0045 for your roof cleaning in Wilmington, NC, and beyond — we make your satisfaction our top priority.

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