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Home and business owners who need pressure washing often consider the cost of professional cleaning services before selecting a team. While pricing factors into the decision-making, pressure washing remains essential to property ownership and should happen on a routine basis for optimal results.

The professionals at Double Check Pressure Washing explain what property owners need to know on pricing and what to expect for your future house washing. Continue reading to learn more.

The Cost of Pressure Washing Services

Professional exterior cleaners price their services in various ways, with the most common listed in the following:

  • Per square foot
  • Per hour
  • Flat fee

The size of your house can help you determine which pricing strategy works for you. Many per-hour companies require a two-hour limit. If you have a small house, for example, you may consider finding a company with a different pricing strategy.

Doing so will ensure you receive the help you need at a fair price. Pressure washing a small house usually takes less time, so a per-square-foot pricing structure may benefit you more.

The necessary cleaning methods will change the pricing, too. Soft washing, power washing, and pressure washing services require various cleaning solutions, equipment, and techniques to achieve desired results. A company may charge different amounts for the cleaning methods because of the required time and effort.


Your home’s location is essential in pricing for pressure washing. Cost of living plays a factor, so expect your Wilmington house washing to vary from an NYC home cleaning, as companies will charge differently.

Whether you live in the city or the woods also matters; falling debris and bird droppings require different cleaning techniques and solutions than pollution or soot. Mold and mildew levels affect the price as well.


How much time will it take the company to clean your property? Are you requesting a siding pressure wash, or do you also need the roof and sidewalk cleaned? If your home requires extensive cleaning, you will pay more for the job.

Including the price of a fence, deck, or driveway pressure washing will drive up the cost. However, requesting these separately may cost more than grouping them. For optimal results, ask the professionals about possible bundle savings.


The type of materials that make up your house also changes the cost. Consider the following:

  • Vinyl
  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Stone

Each of these materials requires specific techniques and solutions to achieve optimal cleaning. It may cost more if your home has multiple materials in its exterior.

Contact Double Check Pressure Washing Today!

Pressure washing services significantly benefit the property and help you maintain the building while creating a comfortable environment. Researching a company and taking your time in selecting your preferred team can help you save on costs without sacrificing professional services.

If you need pressure washing, contact Double Check Pressure Washing at 910-632-0045 for an estimate today!

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